Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Great Band Swap!

The Great Band Swap at Duke Coffeehouse was the place to be last night. The evening was created to be a benefit for BCHQ. By the look of all the people it seemed like a success. Many new faces were out and about to check out the show, which in the long run seems like a bonus for BCHQ and the community. I found myself laughing so hysterically at times. Especially, with Ever Party's (Eberhardt) rap version of the Midtown Dickens "Big Screen" and their reinvention of FKON's "10 Simple Murders." Beloved Binge always managed to throw in their Greek Rubble Punk sound into each song- bum-bum-bum-bum.....BUM. The Midtown Dickens performed a lush, alt-country set. When Catherine sang, her voice soared through the Coffeehouse and wound its way into your heart. Just beautiful.

The Future Kings of Nowhere were basically true to their FKON-y sound, but they switched up the players a bit on us. On one song Dan came out from behind the drums and played lead guitar and sang on a Midtown Dicken's song while Shayne played a Theremin. The Theremin was an interesting alternative to the saw that Catherine normally plays.

Sadly, I missed the Wigg Report, which I heard was a fantastic set. The most moving set of the evening was Megafaun's. They were completely unplugged and played a rendition of the "Job Song" by the Midtown Dickens that was so beautiful and powerful, that I felt tears well up in my eyes.

Special Guest, Man Blossom, all manly in their their burly bare-chested way let us all know they were going to take us to a very dark place. Who knew that "A.M. Dial" could be transformed into a death metal song?

Overall, the evening was a great time and seemed to be enjoyed by all who attended. Now I am waiting to see a Des Ark/Cantwell Gomez and Jordan song swap! That would be truly something to behold.

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