Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Great Band Swap!

The Great Band Swap at Duke Coffeehouse was the place to be last night. The evening was created to be a benefit for BCHQ. By the look of all the people it seemed like a success. Many new faces were out and about to check out the show, which in the long run seems like a bonus for BCHQ and the community. I found myself laughing so hysterically at times. Especially, with Ever Party's (Eberhardt) rap version of the Midtown Dickens "Big Screen" and their reinvention of FKON's "10 Simple Murders." Beloved Binge always managed to throw in their Greek Rubble Punk sound into each song- bum-bum-bum-bum.....BUM. The Midtown Dickens performed a lush, alt-country set. When Catherine sang, her voice soared through the Coffeehouse and wound its way into your heart. Just beautiful.

The Future Kings of Nowhere were basically true to their FKON-y sound, but they switched up the players a bit on us. On one song Dan came out from behind the drums and played lead guitar and sang on a Midtown Dicken's song while Shayne played a Theremin. The Theremin was an interesting alternative to the saw that Catherine normally plays.

Sadly, I missed the Wigg Report, which I heard was a fantastic set. The most moving set of the evening was Megafaun's. They were completely unplugged and played a rendition of the "Job Song" by the Midtown Dickens that was so beautiful and powerful, that I felt tears well up in my eyes.

Special Guest, Man Blossom, all manly in their their burly bare-chested way let us all know they were going to take us to a very dark place. Who knew that "A.M. Dial" could be transformed into a death metal song?

Overall, the evening was a great time and seemed to be enjoyed by all who attended. Now I am waiting to see a Des Ark/Cantwell Gomez and Jordan song swap! That would be truly something to behold.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rock 'em Sock 'em

Last night, November 16, at the Duke Coffeehouse was a once in a lifetime chance to see a Rock Off between two legendary bands- Cantwell Gomez and Jordan vs. Aimee from Des Ark. Armed with a four string guitar and banjo Aimee took on the entire band of Cantwell Gomez and Jordan. There was lots of trash talking and below the belt punches, but in the end I can't tell you who won. Each musician brought such incredible force and talent, that I think it was a draw. It was definitely a unique event to see.

Also playing that night was Veronique Diabolique and Polynya. As alway V.D. was true to their French Gothic-ness. When I arrived at the Coffeehouse, the staff was playing Siouxsie and the Banshees which was the right tone to set with Veronique Diabolique in the house. They took me right back to the 80's with their sound.

Not to be missed is Polynya. A solid indie band from Chapel Hill. I was most impressed by Amelia Schull, formerly of Roxotica and a teacher at the NC Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls. She played drums and sang lead throughout their set.

It was definitely a small intimate show and I was glad to be there.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Sister Spit in Durham

Who: Sister Spit: The Next Generation
What: Racous literary performances that explore indentity, feminist fashion, and finding alternative ways to document personal histories
Where: Duke University, Women's Studies Parlors, East Duke Building
When: 7pm, November 8th

Plus!!: Post Performance at Bull City Headquarters, join us after the presentation at Duke. The after party show will start at 9:30pm and will continue into the night. ( 723 N. Mangum St., more info,

Sister Spit: The Next Generation is hitting the road again, with a whole new all-girl lineup of zinesters, fashion plates, novelists, performance artists, slam poets and fancy scribblers. Inspired by the legendary Sister Spit Ramblin' Roadshow of the 90s, Sister Spit: The Next Generation is hauling a vanload of killer underground female talent across the USA and into your town. The latest gang, including Spit founder Michelle Tea, hits the road in October 2007, a decade after the first Spit van set sail, carrying on the tradition of rowdy, raucous literary adventure. As they journey across the USA, they're joined by a rag tag bunch of special guests - old Spit travelers of yore, and contributors to the brand new feminist fashion anthology, It's So You. Come and meet your new favorite performers!

This event is sponsored by DukeOut (, The Center for Documentary Studies (, The Duke University Program in the Study of Sexualities ( and Bull City Headquarters (

Falling behind

I know I have fallen behind in my music reviewing. After 3 days of music at Troika, I recommend checking out these musicians/bands.

Dylan Gilbert
Maple Stave
Push Pull

Monday, October 29, 2007

Troika 07

It's that time of year again. With the changing of the leaves comes Troika 07- Durham, NC's mega music festival. The festival kicks off this Thursday, November 1st and will run through to November 3rd.

This schedule is subject to change. Proper ID required at all shows.

Thursday, November 1

Duke Coffeehouse
Crowell Building, Duke's East Campus, Durham, NC
All Ages — BYOB/Coffee Bar/Snacks

• The Dry Heathens 11:15 pm
• Shakermaker 10:30 pm
• Bull City 9:45 pm
• Sleep Sound 9:00 pm

James Joyce
912 W. Main Street, Durham, NC
21 and Over — Menu/Bar

• Hundred Air 10:30 pm
• Nathan Oliver 9:45 pm
• Regina Hexaphone 9:00 pm

Bull City Headquarters
723 N. Mangum Street, Durham, NC
All Ages — Alcohol-Free Space

• Melissa St. Pierre 11:30 pm
• Megafaun 11:00 pm
• Hazerai 10:30 pm
• Push Pull 10:00 pm
• Maple Stave 9:30 pm
• Future Islands 9:00 pm

Broad Street Cafe
1116 Broad Street, Durham, NC
All Ages — Food and Bar

• Malcolm Rollick 10:00 pm
• Dom Casual 9:15 pm
• Sound of Singles 8:30 pm

Marvell Event Center
119 W. Main Street, Durham, NC
18 and Over — Bar and a good time!

• Quitzow 11:15 pm
• Setting Sun 10:30 pm
• Can Joann 9:45 pm
• Wedlock 9:00 pm

Alivia's Durham Bistro
900 W. Main Street, Durham
All Ages — Bar and good food!

• Mingus Young 12:00 am
• Resist Not 11:15 pm
• Thought Speak 10:30 pm
• Ships 9:45 pm
• The Busy World 9:00 pm

Friday, November 2

Duke Coffeehouse
Crowell Building, Duke's East Campus, Durham, NC
All Ages — BYOB/Coffee Bar/Snacks

• Luego 11:30 pm
• Fontana 10:45 pm
• The Future Kings of Nowhere 10:00 pm
• The Lodger 9:15 pm
• Gray Young 8:30 pm

James Joyce
912 W. Main Street, Durham, NC
21 and Over — Menu/Bar

• Beloved Binge 10:30 pm
• Citified 9:45 pm
• Carol Bui 9:00 pm

Bull City Headquarters
723 N. Mangum Street, Durham, NC
All Ages — Alcohol-Free Space

• Dirty 5 Thirty 11:00 pm
• Kerbloki 10:30 pm
• The Scott Waite Debacle 10:00 pm
• Lam! Lam! 9:30 pm
• Sawteeth McTweety and the Particles 9:00 pm
• Nicky Click 8:30 pm
• Anaturale 8:00 pm

Broad Street Cafe
1116 Broad Street, Durham, NC
All Ages — Food and Bar

• Gambling the Muse 11:30 pm
• Soft Company 10:45 pm
• Dan Bryk 10:00
• Oscar Begat 9:15 pm
• The Pneurotics 8:30 pm

Marvell Event Center
119 W. Main Street, Durham, NC
18 and Over — Bar and a good time!

• Armored Uprise 11:15 pm
• Livalie 10:30 pm
• Expire 9:45 pm
• Glorydive 9:00 pm

Alivia's Durham Bistro
900 W. Main Street, Durham
All Ages — Bar and good food!

• Mark Doughtery 12:00 am
• Noncanon 11:15 pm
• Dylan Gilbert 10:30 pm
• Sequoya 9:45 pm
• The Watercallers 9:00 pm

308 Main Street, Durham, NC
18 and Over — Bar

• Grappling Hook 11:45 pm
• Jew(s) and Catholic(s) 11:00 pm
• Pulsoptional 10:15 pm
• The Late Virginia Summers 9:30 pm

Saturday, November 3

Duke Coffeehouse
Crowell Building, Duke's East Campus, Durham, NC
All Ages — BYOB/Coffee Bar/Snacks

• David Bazan 11:15 pm
• All Smiles 10:30 pm
• Plumerai 9:45 pm
• David Karsten Daniels 9:00 pm

Bull City Headquarters
723 N. Mangum Street, Durham, NC
All Ages — Alcohol-Free Space

• The Everybodyfields 11:00 pm
• Bodies of Water 10:00 pm
• Phosphorescent 9:00 pm
• Ben Davis and The Jetts 8:30 pm
• Bellafea 8:00 pm
• Ex-Members 7:30 pm
• Richard Bacchus and The Luckiest Girls 7:00 pm
• New Dawn Fades 6:30 pm
• On the Take 6:00 pm
• Opening Flower Happy Bird 5:30 pm
• Midtown Dickens 5:00 pm
• (BREAK) 4:00 - 5:00 pm
• Eberhardt 3:30 pm
• Sweater Weather 3:00 pm
• Fan Tan 2:30 pm
• Simple 2:00 pm
• Betty and The Boys 1:30 pm
• The Drowsies 1:00 pm

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Beat Goes On

So a little bird told me about this local band Lam! Lam! I was so shocked to see that Betsy Shane from the defunct Relatively Calm has a new project. Honestly, I didn't much care for the Relatively Calm. Betsy's voice was lost in the chaos of Tony's frenzy. Now in Lam! Lam! she is in control and her voice will hook you in with her sugary-sweet voice. Don't be scared by that last statement. She is a smart woman and she balances the sweetness with some moments of existential angst. There is nothing like sounds of strife to make the music so much more visceral. The song "Immer So" truly makes me miss the days of Blackstrap's old school punk.

In Lam! Lam! Betsy Shane has moved out of the pandemonium and grown into a foxy singer who is attempting to bridge that gap between rock music and dance music. In true Durham, NC, fashion she is showing that here in Durham, people are willing to really experiment and revel in their quirkiness.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Go to Hell this Friday!

If you have the free time this Friday and feel like going straight to Hell, then you should go and check out Hatchetfest September 14th. There are three bands playing- The Monologue Bombs, Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan and Jews and Catholics.

I am not familiar with the Monologue Bombs, but I can attest to the wonders of the legendary CG and J and the wondrous Jews and Catholics. CG and J's recipe of punk, noise and quirkiness makes for a tasty snack of avant garde rock.

This is what I had to say earlier this year about Jews and Catholics.

"Holy gefiltefish, Batman

I am just sitting here listening to another dynamic duo on the stereo. The CD is for Jew(s) + Catholic(s), and I love it. Eddie Garcia and Alanna Meltzer are the awesome twosome.

Ever since, I heard the Marie Antoinette soundtrack, I have been stuck in a Joy Division mode. Eddie has a throaty voice like Ian Curtis from Joy Division and the tracks truly hearken back to "She's Lost Control" and "Transmission." But you can't forget about Alanna who plays the upright bass on each song, she contributes this totally lush layer which works well in contrast to the edgy guitar riffs and Eddie's voice. Their yin-yang doesn't work against them at all. Instead, it makes me want to get up and listen to their CD again."

Monday, August 27, 2007

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Go check out the band the Liars, they are so good! I am not lying! The Liars really are awesome. Their new album could become one of my favorites for 2007. They subtley use feed back to create this really visceral sound that hearkens back to Jesus and the Mary Chain and Love and Rockets. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Pretty Vacant

This blog goes out to David K. He loaned me the book "Rip it Up and Start Again" by Simon Reynolds. I have read only a few pages and so many memories have come flooding back to me. This book is about the post-punk years of 1978-1984 in the UK. For me and many of my friends this time period is what helped shape our lives and helped us develop into the punk asses we are today. You know in 1978, I was living in Mobile, Alabama. There were lots of rednecks, but there were also a few new wavers. At this time, I was really beginning to notice how different I was from my peers, I didn't want to listen to Alabama and Hank Williams. I was enthralled with Billy Idol and Bow Wow Wow. Thankfully in the summer of 1983 we moved to the Washington DC metro area. Here I really delved into the post-punk music scene. Now I had access to more music and exposure to other people like me.

Enough rambling about myself, this novel will transport you back to that time and place of fantastic music and the birth of a scene that touched so many of us. Yeah, I know times change and we may have all sold out to the corporation, but it's nice to remember the days where you felt like you could make a difference by fucking shit up.

I also recommend reading "Rotten" by Johnny Lydon and watching the film "Punk Attitude," those are also nice little refreshers of that time period. If you are in the mood that is.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pony Pony Pony

In our age of convenience, it is so rare when things are not attainable. I just discovered the band Holy Hail, and I want more and I want it now! The band has releases stateside and in the UK. At this point, the band doesn't seem to have a lot of their material recorded and I am feeling totally thwarted by iTunes. The UK iTunes store has so much good stuff, but can we buy it here in the US- noooo, we can't. I thought we were in a global economy. It's a conspiracy I tell ya'.

Anyhoo, so I discovered this band Holy Hail. They have an EP for sale called "Big Guns." It should be called "Big Guns Cubed," as there are 3 different versions of the song on this EP. Two versions are remixes, which are fun to listen to for sure. Remember the playfulness of Le Tigre and the B-52's? Well, you can find it again with this band. Holy Hail's sound is similar to the more current band New Young Pony Club, but I think Holy Hail is better. They capture the spirit of the punky, glitchy new wave sound so much better than NYPC and make you want to pony harder.

Back to my bitterness about our global economy, so their best song is "Born of a Star" and you can't buy it here in the US. Grrrr. But you can listen to it repeatedly on Myspace. Right now, I feel like one of those teenagers who drives their parents crazy because they can't stop listening to their favorite song over and over and over again. Oh, and don't act like you have never done this dear reader. Oooh, Holy Hail is making me feel sassy with their drumbeats. Go check it out now! Now!

Monday, July 30, 2007

A really swell movie

Okay, yeah right, this is a music blog. But I just saw the movie "Once," and it is a beautiful film about music and love. If you have never heard of this movie, then let me give a little synopsis. Basically, two musicians meet while one is busking for money on the streets. From the day they first meet, there is an immediate connection between the two musicians and a musically based relationship ensues.

There is not much dialogue in the film and some of it is in other languages. But you don't need to really know what the characters are saying. The soundtrack and the songs that they sing within the film help push the plot along just fine. Each song helps to convey the relationship that has formed between the musicians. Some of the songs are so haunting that you will get goosebumps at times.

An interesting factoid, in reality the two musicians, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, in this film form the band The Swell Season. The director of the film originally asked them to write songs for the film but then decided he wanted to use them as the actors, which makes the whole story that much more interesting to me. If you know any musicians, then you know that there often is a very intense bond that forms between band members. Even though they may be platonic, the act of creating music together creates a very passionate relationship.

Side note: BTW- did you know that shoegazer bands are back? There was a recent article in the NY Times and long discussion on NPR this weekend regarding its comeback. Honestly, I didn't know that it had ever left, especially since I just saw Mojave 3 at the Cat's Cradle not too long ago.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Dream of Electric Sheep

I have been listening to the EP "It takes Guts to Deceive Eloquently" by Lismore...a lot. Lismore comprised of Penelope and Stephen hail from Jersey City, NJ- a burgeoning scene on the edge of NYC. This EP is a nice introduction to the band. The EP starts off dreamy with the song "Seven Cycles." Penelope's ethereal voice is reminiscent of Julee Cruise (the songstress that gave Twin Peaks that haunting sound). Truly, her voice shines through on each song and is complimented by fuzzy electronic sounds and edgy guitar bits.

Remember that scene in the film "Brazil," where Sam Lowry has imagined that he has escaped the cruelty of his dystopian society to a pastoral setting? This EP takes you to that place of bliss, particularly on the song "Far Off and Away." The simplicity of the keyboards on this song really resonate in your brain and hook you even further. But, just when you think all these songs are mesmerizing you into a state of relaxation- the song "Cherry Bomb" comes along and blows you away with its glitchy, punky drum beats. You have now snapped out of your trance with its sexy beat and you want to dance.

I also recommend going to their website and checking out some of their songs in their listening station. They really rock out the edgy guitars and driving drumbeat on the song "Predicament." I am hoping they come to North Carolina soon, because I imagine that their energy live would be awesome.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the Days Before Microchips

The Raleigh, NC band Roger Roger has a sound that transports you back to a time of conversion fans and lo-fi stereo. If you are old enough and had one of those record players with built in stereo speakers, then you know what I am talking about. When pushed to their limit, the music squeaked out of those speakers all warm and fuzzy. The sound was distorted and muffled but you did not care because you were listening to rock n' roll.

Their strongest song is "Made for Love," and is muffled and distorted in such a good way that you cannot help but love the lo-fidelity aspect. After many listens, it occurred to me that I love it so much because it reminds me of the now defunct- Dirty Little Heaters. If you know me, then you know they had a special place in my heart. Although Roger Ron doesn't have the powerhouse vocals of Reese Gibbs, and they only have percussion no drummer. Frankly, they need a power drummer like Mel Thomas. Roger Roger would then rock so hard, your face would melt.

Musically, Roger Roger is a good band. I would need to hear more songs and know more about them to have a fuller sense of where they are going as a band. As it stands now, Roger Roger has the potential to capture the attention of music-goers and get a solid following.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Coming Soon

Look out for reviews of Lismore and Roger Roger. Life has been hectic with CD release parties for the Future Kings of Nowhere and Boy/Girl. I hope to get to sit down soon and soak in some music.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sympathy for the Devil

"Does the devil call you by name and do you and answer him the same?"

The Durham, NC duo Sequoya has a newly recorded song, "Weary" up on their myspace page. Sequoya are Bonnie, former drummer for the Veldas, and Matt from Joy in Red. In The Veldas, Bonnie always seemed to be reserved as she kept a steady beat and drummed away in the background. Previous Sequoya songs have been more acousticore. I know that Aimee Mann has always been a big influence.

Contrastingly, this new song, diverges from the norm and is rocking. At first, you think it is going to be a quiet contemplative song offering comfort to a troubled friend. But this songs builds into crunchy guitar chords with a little added feedback. Bonnie's voice is clear and strong on this song. You get the sense that even though she offers comfort, that she is concerned that it will be hard to loosen the devil's grip on this troubled soul. Sternly she sings, "come to me, my dear, dear friend, I will comfort you, yes I will." The friend seems to be worn from the seasons of life, but I wonder if the singer is not wearied from the constant need to offer respite and salvation.

"Weary" is definitely a darker sound for Sequoya, but I think it really works. I look forward to hearing more of their future recordings.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One Word, Enthralling

Last night's Des Ark performance at the Cat's Cradle was nothing short of enthralling. This was the first time I had seen the band in over a year. Although I have seen Aimee perform solo, the full band adds a whole other dimension to the music.

Honestly, when she performs solo and acoustic, I often have to walk out of the room due to the heart-rending subject matter. The lyrics in her songs are so intense, that when she performs alone I feel the anguish within those songs so much more accutely. My instinct is to run.

Last night, I was transfixed and I wasn't going anywhere. The music and electrified energy of the performance was spellbinding. All I can say is the undulating guitars, the lasciviousness of the lyrics, and the dorky stories between songs are some good shit.

Listen Here

Friday, June 15, 2007

Drinking in the Soma

I have this belief that we all are attracted to music that reflects our own inner metronome. As I lay here on my bed soaking in the album "Tastes Change" by The Honored Guests, I am feeling a oneness with their music. Russell Bagget’s soothing vocal style, song arrangement and tempos make this an absolutely sublime album. This Chapel Hill, NC band has rather convincingly created a fantastic collection of psychedelia-laced British pop songs.

For instance, on the song "Say You Will", they fill in the longer spaces between lyrics with accents of electric kool-aid acid trips. These instrumental moments between one lyric and the next, gives the music an ethereal feel that evokes a hazy hash den in Morocco. (No, I was not smoking a hookah when I was listening to this.) I do get this image of Whirling Dervishes with the trippy oscillating tempo of the guitar and drums. I don't mean to imply they are doing heavy-handed psychedelic space jams, because they are not. However, this element imparts their music with a much more exotic appeal than the typical Teutonic pop song and keeps the music interesting and fresh.

I am also enamored with the song "Summer Snow." Again it is a little psychedelic, but I am not seeing any whirling dervishes this time- it's subtle and gives the song texture. As I listened to it, I was really taken with it's portrayal of that unattainable love. The whirling guitar only adds to the uncertaintity of this relationship. He pleadingly sings, "just give me something good to look forward to." How rare it is, like the summer snow, to have that other person reciprocate.

There are a lot of really great songs on this album. At first listen, many will make an obvious comparison to the Flaming Lips and British Shoegazer bands. Overall, I found their music to be alluring with finely placed moments of psychedelia. More importantly, I can listen to this album over and over again. Nowadays, that is as rare as a snowshower in the middle of July.

Listen Here

Breakfast Mascot Records

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lo-fi Love Life

Through the ages most art has delved into the theme of love and the many forms it takes in our lives. Un Deux Trois' "Lover's" EP is no exception. Heather McEntire and wonderboy Jenks Miller have created a warm, stripped down, poppy sound with this EP (Maria Albani has since joined the band and will be on their next full length album).

The most beautiful song on the EP is '45 RPM'. Heather sings, "We're not in love, but it sure feels nice." Her honeyed voice is meant to lull the object of her affection into wanting to escape with her. Gently, she reminds everyone with the chorus-"we're not in love." At first, you think it's just a case of lust. But after a few listens, you begin to wonder if she is trying to reassure herself and not fall in love. Fearing that everything would be ruined if attachment all of a sudden reared it's ugly head.

This is an EP about lovers- the good, the bad and the ugly. On the song, "You Earn Your Enemies," you are again lured in by her siren's voice. But this is a bitter song about someone who should get what they deserve. "You burn your bridges one by one down to the ground," reminds you of the scorn that so many of us have experienced. As we stood by waiting on that person, who is entrenched in their own narcissism.

Heather's alluring voice will enchant you. You are left wanting more with only four songs, but as she sings you just won't care that love, life and CD's all must come to an end.

Holidays for Quince Records

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Now Is the Time When We Dance!

"Would you like to touch my monkey? Touch him! Touch my monkey!"

The EP "Little Advances" from the band Future Islands is a tantalizing little gem of music. The lead singer, Sam has this distinct, slightly gravel-like voice that brings an interesting texture to the backdrop of their synthesized, new wave sound- there are no mixed tracks here. Recently, I had the luck to see them live at Local 506. Sam was able to work the crowd into frenzy as all the boys and girls pined to touch him. Honestly, it's been a long time since I have seen a New Wave mosh pit and a crowd react to a musician with such adoration.

The synthesizer provides a textural element to many of the songs and really helps push the energy of this music forward. On the song "Take it Back" there is a really nice interplay between his singing and the keyboards. His voice is complex, but the simplicity of the keyboard arrangements gets your head bopping.

One of the strongest songs on the EP is "Pretty Riffy," it's definitely high energy and peppy, but when you listen to the lyrics it is a gut-wrenching song where you want the other person to leave you, but not really. You know...that kind of love that feels so good and wrong at the same time. Musically and lyrically, this song experiments with the tension and attraction of duality.

Another winner on the EP is the song "Follow You." Another love song, but less tragic. "Follow You" really stands outs to me as a beautiful love song where you would go to the ends of the earth for the one that you love. This unabashed, wearing your heart on your sleeve is refreshing in a day and age where we create little walls for ourselves. Definitely, reminiscent of a John Hughes film or a film starring John Cusack.

This EP is a nice introduction to the band. As this is just an EP, I am left wanting more. Right now, Future Islands, seems like they are following in the footsteps of Gerty. I can only hope that they stay on that path and flourish.

Follow You by the Future Islands

Heteromorphic Polyphony

The Durham, NC band the Ex-Members is releasing their long-awaited EP- "XOEX" on June 19, 2007. The Ex-Members are comprised of Shirle Hale, David K, and Melissa York. David and Shirle were previously the band Gerty, and Melissa York is a former member of The Butchies. They have joined forces to save the world with their mutant, new wave sound. Yes, I truly think they can save humanity with their booty shaking beats. As you listen to the song "Into the Nite", you start to bop your head to the rhythm, and then all of a sudden your whole body follows suit and you are a dancing fool. In this moment, you have let go off all your hang-ups and stress of the day and it feels so good.

Shirle, a classically trained musician, brings a richness and depth to each song that evokes Yaz's album "Upstairs at Eric's". Her voice is strong and deep like Alison Moyet. There are instances in each song where you are musically transported back to a time of Alphaville and New Order. However, they keep you in the present with their pulsing tempo and their mixing within each song.

This is definitely an enjoyable trio of songs. I recently played it for one friend (once a professional drag queen and Solid Gold dancer), immediately he started dancing around and said, "Oh yeah, I can definitely clean the house in my underwear to this." Take that as you will, but this EP is some good stuff. Seriously, check it out.

Into the Nite by The Ex-Members