Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Dream of Electric Sheep

I have been listening to the EP "It takes Guts to Deceive Eloquently" by Lismore...a lot. Lismore comprised of Penelope and Stephen hail from Jersey City, NJ- a burgeoning scene on the edge of NYC. This EP is a nice introduction to the band. The EP starts off dreamy with the song "Seven Cycles." Penelope's ethereal voice is reminiscent of Julee Cruise (the songstress that gave Twin Peaks that haunting sound). Truly, her voice shines through on each song and is complimented by fuzzy electronic sounds and edgy guitar bits.

Remember that scene in the film "Brazil," where Sam Lowry has imagined that he has escaped the cruelty of his dystopian society to a pastoral setting? This EP takes you to that place of bliss, particularly on the song "Far Off and Away." The simplicity of the keyboards on this song really resonate in your brain and hook you even further. But, just when you think all these songs are mesmerizing you into a state of relaxation- the song "Cherry Bomb" comes along and blows you away with its glitchy, punky drum beats. You have now snapped out of your trance with its sexy beat and you want to dance.

I also recommend going to their website and checking out some of their songs in their listening station. They really rock out the edgy guitars and driving drumbeat on the song "Predicament." I am hoping they come to North Carolina soon, because I imagine that their energy live would be awesome.

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