Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the Days Before Microchips

The Raleigh, NC band Roger Roger has a sound that transports you back to a time of conversion fans and lo-fi stereo. If you are old enough and had one of those record players with built in stereo speakers, then you know what I am talking about. When pushed to their limit, the music squeaked out of those speakers all warm and fuzzy. The sound was distorted and muffled but you did not care because you were listening to rock n' roll.

Their strongest song is "Made for Love," and is muffled and distorted in such a good way that you cannot help but love the lo-fidelity aspect. After many listens, it occurred to me that I love it so much because it reminds me of the now defunct- Dirty Little Heaters. If you know me, then you know they had a special place in my heart. Although Roger Ron doesn't have the powerhouse vocals of Reese Gibbs, and they only have percussion no drummer. Frankly, they need a power drummer like Mel Thomas. Roger Roger would then rock so hard, your face would melt.

Musically, Roger Roger is a good band. I would need to hear more songs and know more about them to have a fuller sense of where they are going as a band. As it stands now, Roger Roger has the potential to capture the attention of music-goers and get a solid following.

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le monde moderne said...

do you think Ms Thomas would be willing to pound the tubs for us on some future recordings? We'd LOVE it.

oh and thanks again for including our recording of "Tune Up and Cry"
on the 307 compilation.