Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Heteromorphic Polyphony

The Durham, NC band the Ex-Members is releasing their long-awaited EP- "XOEX" on June 19, 2007. The Ex-Members are comprised of Shirle Hale, David K, and Melissa York. David and Shirle were previously the band Gerty, and Melissa York is a former member of The Butchies. They have joined forces to save the world with their mutant, new wave sound. Yes, I truly think they can save humanity with their booty shaking beats. As you listen to the song "Into the Nite", you start to bop your head to the rhythm, and then all of a sudden your whole body follows suit and you are a dancing fool. In this moment, you have let go off all your hang-ups and stress of the day and it feels so good.

Shirle, a classically trained musician, brings a richness and depth to each song that evokes Yaz's album "Upstairs at Eric's". Her voice is strong and deep like Alison Moyet. There are instances in each song where you are musically transported back to a time of Alphaville and New Order. However, they keep you in the present with their pulsing tempo and their mixing within each song.

This is definitely an enjoyable trio of songs. I recently played it for one friend (once a professional drag queen and Solid Gold dancer), immediately he started dancing around and said, "Oh yeah, I can definitely clean the house in my underwear to this." Take that as you will, but this EP is some good stuff. Seriously, check it out.

Into the Nite by The Ex-Members

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