Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lo-fi Love Life

Through the ages most art has delved into the theme of love and the many forms it takes in our lives. Un Deux Trois' "Lover's" EP is no exception. Heather McEntire and wonderboy Jenks Miller have created a warm, stripped down, poppy sound with this EP (Maria Albani has since joined the band and will be on their next full length album).

The most beautiful song on the EP is '45 RPM'. Heather sings, "We're not in love, but it sure feels nice." Her honeyed voice is meant to lull the object of her affection into wanting to escape with her. Gently, she reminds everyone with the chorus-"we're not in love." At first, you think it's just a case of lust. But after a few listens, you begin to wonder if she is trying to reassure herself and not fall in love. Fearing that everything would be ruined if attachment all of a sudden reared it's ugly head.

This is an EP about lovers- the good, the bad and the ugly. On the song, "You Earn Your Enemies," you are again lured in by her siren's voice. But this is a bitter song about someone who should get what they deserve. "You burn your bridges one by one down to the ground," reminds you of the scorn that so many of us have experienced. As we stood by waiting on that person, who is entrenched in their own narcissism.

Heather's alluring voice will enchant you. You are left wanting more with only four songs, but as she sings you just won't care that love, life and CD's all must come to an end.

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