Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Now Is the Time When We Dance!

"Would you like to touch my monkey? Touch him! Touch my monkey!"

The EP "Little Advances" from the band Future Islands is a tantalizing little gem of music. The lead singer, Sam has this distinct, slightly gravel-like voice that brings an interesting texture to the backdrop of their synthesized, new wave sound- there are no mixed tracks here. Recently, I had the luck to see them live at Local 506. Sam was able to work the crowd into frenzy as all the boys and girls pined to touch him. Honestly, it's been a long time since I have seen a New Wave mosh pit and a crowd react to a musician with such adoration.

The synthesizer provides a textural element to many of the songs and really helps push the energy of this music forward. On the song "Take it Back" there is a really nice interplay between his singing and the keyboards. His voice is complex, but the simplicity of the keyboard arrangements gets your head bopping.

One of the strongest songs on the EP is "Pretty Riffy," it's definitely high energy and peppy, but when you listen to the lyrics it is a gut-wrenching song where you want the other person to leave you, but not really. You know...that kind of love that feels so good and wrong at the same time. Musically and lyrically, this song experiments with the tension and attraction of duality.

Another winner on the EP is the song "Follow You." Another love song, but less tragic. "Follow You" really stands outs to me as a beautiful love song where you would go to the ends of the earth for the one that you love. This unabashed, wearing your heart on your sleeve is refreshing in a day and age where we create little walls for ourselves. Definitely, reminiscent of a John Hughes film or a film starring John Cusack.

This EP is a nice introduction to the band. As this is just an EP, I am left wanting more. Right now, Future Islands, seems like they are following in the footsteps of Gerty. I can only hope that they stay on that path and flourish.

Follow You by the Future Islands

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